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Embedded| software deployment done right brings the benefits of Linux containers to the IoT. Develop iteratively, deploy safely, and manage at scale.

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Every IoT Project is a software project

Develop Iteratively

Local device synchronization allows for fast, iterative development.

Deploy Safely

Lightweight and reliable deployments, while your devices remain online.

Manage at Scale

Device status monitoring, phased deployments, scheduled updates, and more.


Built for IoT


A Modern Developer Workflow

“git push” and forget it, as often as you want.

Lightweight Payloads

Our Container Deltas technology delivers fast, lightweight updates every time across any network.


Full Visibility

See device status, location, deployment logs and more, all on an ongoing basis.

Brick-safe Deployments

Updates take place while your devices remain online and recoverable.

Choose from the devices we support today or request a custom board!


Latest Case Studies

Open Source

Tools to Kickstart Your Project

Flash OS images to SD cards & USB drives, safely and easily.

A Moby-based container engine for IoT

A host OS tailored for containers, designed for reliability, proven in production

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